Training and continuous learning are part of the success of a strategy, they are also unique experiences to perpetuate the wealth of your human capital. Our Digital act academy team offers training courses on a wide range of topics and led by trainers who are, above all, consultants. Our trainers will help you deepen your knowledge with scenarios drawn from the real world.

Our solutions

  • Inter-company training

    Inter-company training takes place on our premises or in a center approved by Digital Act Academy. This training format has two key advantages. The first is to welcome participants in a friendly setting to encourage their full involvement. The second is to create a dynamic of exchanges from several different companies and sectors of activity. All the training courses in our catalogue are available for inter-company training.

  • In-company and tailor-made training

    In-company training takes place in our premises or in those of the client. The courses in the catalogue are available as in-company courses. This training format offers a customization of the initial program on subjects that are crucial to an organization. Participants can therefore quickly project themselves onto an operational implementation of their knowledge acquired during the training.

  • Distance learning classroom

    To meet the challenges of mobility, our training courses are available in digital format and through a secure and ergonomic platform. Distance learning allows you to take full advantage of our courses while being free to choose your location.

  • Serious Games

    Today, many organizations struggle to get value from their training investments. This is mainly due to the low change in behavior and performance expected by the organization. However, the need to participate in training remains crucial for the continuous learning of talent and their personal development.

    In light of this, it is imperative to ensure that the knowledge acquired in training is put into practice more quickly in order to release the full potential of your digital capabilities. To this end, Digital act academy, a partner of GamingWorks, translates theory into practice through interactive workshops where participants work in teams on complex problems in a simulated or real environment of your organization.

    In a challenging, realistic and fun approach, participants take on a role in a team or design their own processes and working methods. These simulations consist of a number of rounds, allowing teams to reflect, discuss and improve.