The majority of IT functions are not taking full advantage of the emergence of new digital technologies. In addition, the complexity of managing these technologies hinders the organization's ability to evolve quickly to meet the changing demands of their customers and users.

This requires the IT function to transform itself into a digital function with international references to go beyond IT. The right operating model can change all that. Through a holistic approach, leaders create their Digital Organization of tomorrow. Today more than ever, the digital function is a powerful performance driver for an organization, not a service provider, so the stakes are high.

In concrete terms, how we help you

In order to implement a digital function with international references, the functioning of the organization and the technology must be set within a framework that unleashes all the power expected from a digital strategy.


The IT maturity assessment is the first step to a successful transformation because it helps you understand your starting point. This assessment gives you an objective view of the strengths of your current function, the inefficiencies and the potential when improving your operating model. To help you make the right decisions, we present you with the most effective improvements to build a target operating model that unleashes the full potential of your digital strategy. To do this, our experts combine their digital knowledge with an exclusive evaluation tool and the best international standards of our time.


Achieving operational excellence requires an organization to design a successful target operating model that leverages Lean and Agile. To ensure the efficient implementation of this target operating model driven transformation, we work closely with your teams to ensure that they are the main catalyst for change in your organization. This approach takes the form of workshops to transfer the benefits of Agile and Lean behaviors, immersion sessions for managers, coaching and simulation of scenarios from the target operating model.


When the operating model is well implemented, it enables your digital function to achieve operational excellence and produce unique results for your customers and users. To enable your organization to benefit from sustainable results, we first define, with your teams, the drivers for deploying the vital elements of your operating model and then the essential elements for generalizing its content in the digital function.


The most successful organizations have a common appetite for change and emphasize continuous learning to adapt to significant changes in their environments. To foster the adoption of this culture, we train your teams on the best international standards and develop hand in hand, formal management of continuous improvement.