The Digital Maturity Assessment is the first step to a successful strategy as it helps to understand your starting point. Organizations with a high level of digital maturity have a significant advantage in their environment and this is tangibly reflected in their profitability, growth, reputation, quality of services and products offered. Organizations with a low level of digital maturity struggle to achieve these advantages. With the continued development of new digital technologies, the gap between digital leaders and laggards is likely to widen.

Digital Act 360 to assess your digital maturity

A unique diagnostic approach, Digital Act 360 allows you to assess your digital and leadership capabilities in comparison to your peers, competitors and vision. The results will provide you with an indication of your readiness to become a Digital Organization, as well as an objective view of your strengths, areas for improvement and the potential for improvement.

Digital Act 360 assesses your digital capabilities and leadership in the key areas of a digital strategy