The majority of organizations are not disruptive by nature and one in three organizations are successfully meeting the challenge of digital transformation. Those that are successful balance today's needs with tomorrow's opportunities. Success will be driven by the implementation of a combination of bold and controlled digital initiatives.

To meet the challenge of the Digital Organization of tomorrow, we help you to develop your strategic planning by identifying the best digital initiatives to drive and in what order. Through our Digital Act 360 approach, we provide you with a clear view of the resources you need to commit and the actions you need to take to ensure results beyond your vision.

In concrete terms, how we help you

Because a digital strategy is specific to each organization, we customize seven key steps with you and according to your environment, which answer the major questions you have:

1. Vision & Objective: How will digital support your organization's vision? How will digital change your Ecosystem? What new offers, products, services? What business and operating model?

2. Strategy Context: What is our digital positioning? How are we positioned in relation to our peers and competitors? Where do we want to be?

3. Capacities: What are our main current capacities and their maturity? What capacities do we need to strengthen and develop?

4. Scope: Which stakeholders of the organization are included in the digital strategy and which are excluded? Who will lead our digital strategy?

5. Objectives and key results: What are our specific and measurable objectives? What objectives are included and excluded from our digital strategy?

6. Digital Roadmap: What are our main digital initiatives, their priority, sequencing and milestones? Who are the key players and their responsibilities?

7. Budget & investment: What is the total investment in our digital strategy? What is the unit cost of the digital initiatives? What are the conditions and constraints?

A successfully designed digital strategy requires two major attributes. The first is to have a digital strategy that is aligned with the organization's strategy to achieve outstanding results. The second is a strategy that is inclusive and embraced by every part of the organization. Through our organizational change management and feedback processes, we work as a key partner with your stakeholders to reach their full potential.