Who are we ?
  • DIGITAL ACT is a digital strategy consultancy that partners with today's world leaders to help them translate their vision into a high-performance economic and social reality.

  • In a world where innovation and emerging technologies present significant challenges and opportunities, we work with our clients as a key partner to help them choose the right strategy and technology solutions to achieve their vision.

  • Determined to make our society better every day, our digital strategy leaders have developed a spirit of openness and innovation for more than two decades to deliver the best of our solutions to our clients.

  • DIGITAL ACT's identity has been created on a core value: acting through digital to support economic and social growth in the Europe Middle East & Africa region.

Our vision and our mission

Our vision and mission are an integral part of our identity and are reflected in everything we do.

  • Our vision: To be the leading digital strategy consultancy with a culture of excellence driven by its talent for the benefit of the Europe Middle East & Africa region by 2028.

  • Our mission: To deliver digital excellence to combine our clients' vision with their challenges and opportunities to deliver unique long-term results.

  • Together with our clients, we build the Digital Organization of tomorrow by providing solutions that address the expectations and problems of our societies.

Our values

Our values guide our daily actions and support the foundations of our vision and mission.

  • Our value system is reflected in:

    • a global view of our clients' environment in order to develop appropriate solutions
    • a spirit of openness and innovation to offer unique solutions in constantly changing contexts
    • a close relationship with our clients in full respect of the codes of ethics
    • pragmatic, committed and collaborative support to produce sustainable results
    • a spirit of performance to achieve operational excellence with our clients and partners
    • intellectual honesty to express things as they are and to meet the challenges of our clients

From human capital to technology, to your operation, we bring your digital know-how so that you can achieve high economic and social performance CONSULTING ACADEMY Drive your strategy with excellence to be the Digital Organisation of tomorrow in aliance with your vision Sustain the richess of your human capital by promoting continious learning