To remain successful while taking advantage of technology, organizations today are creating new business models and new operating models with their partners. This continuous search for performance allows organizations to deliver a successful customer experience.

The key is to create strategic partnerships to deliver the full potential of technology capabilities -digital platform, infrastructure, applications, automation, cloud, hardware and professional services-.

In concrete terms, how we help you

Through a holistic approach, we work with your teams to ensure the definition and implementation of an IT sourcing strategy aligned with your organizational strategy and technology capabilities.

  • Sourcing strategy

    For an organization to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by IT sourcing, it needs to define and implement a strategy that is aligned with its current and future organizational goals, as well as its digital strategy objectives. This requires a good understanding of the current digital environment, human, technological and operational capabilities. We advise you on the most optimal sourcing strategy while remaining neutral towards service providers. In the same way, we help you to design a management framework with an effective organizational structure to ensure efficient management of your suppliers and contracts.

  • Implementation of IT sourcing

    In a transparent and agile approach, we help our clients execute their IT sourcing strategy to achieve the full potential of their technology capabilities. With strong tactical and operational strengths, our IT sourcing experts support your teams in achieving their organizational goals. This includes implementing sourcing projects, strengthening contract management and building win-win partnerships.

  • IT sourcing governance

    To ensure effective management of IT sourcing within your organization, we develop, in partnership with your teams, the culture, processes and skills to enable them to manage suppliers and IT partners effectively. To do this, we train your teams on the best international standards and develop, hand in hand, a formal governance of IT sourcing.